A True Mater Christi Story:

The date: late 1967 ( or maybe it was early 1968 ).  The place: Harry's Luncheonette.

Rita Sweeney ('70) walks up to Bill Regan ('68) and asks, " Are you gonna ask me out, or WHAT?" (shy 15 year old girl that she was).  It seems that Bill had been a regular spectator at the Girl's JV basketball games, of which Rita was a player.  Even though Bill was on the Boy's Varsity Basketball team, Rita sensed that it was more than an interest in the sport that had him coming back.  She was right.  They started dating and were each other's dates for their respective proms.  Unfortunately, in 1969, after 18 months of dating, they went their separate ways.  To borrow a phrase from Paul Harvey, click here for the rest of the story.