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These are the photos currently rotating through the main page. I hope you enjoy the look back.

We remember those lost on 9/11 including two of our own. Please visit the 65 & 75 Passings pages for more on our graduates Jack Fanning and Frank Vignola.

The picture of Brother (Ambrose) Eugene Finlay, Anna Francipani, and Donna Farrell was taken in the music room on the last day of performance for the Miracle Worker. We had a special matinee for the nuns of the diocese, and Anna and Donna were so upset because they knew that the next evening performance would be their last. It was my first show, and in all the years I have worked in community and regional theatre, I never knew a cast to be closer. I haven't done theatre in many years having found other interests, but I still have my Miracle Worker program and the wonderful Christmas cards the cast gave me after the closing curtain.

From the forums
Love the tree.
I noticed several of the cans were Patio (a short-lived diet drink from Pepsi). I was totally unfamiliar with this drink until an episode of "MadMen" where they featured the Patio product.
Does anyone else enjoy "MadMen" as much as I do? I'm in withdrawal until next year.

Fonzie Ingenito, Mike Pertruzzi, Dennis Ulrick, and Phil Cotumaccio. All '66. (per JohnKerins66)

Does anybody have a light? In this image is Brother David Detje.

Father Hartmann. Hmmm, planning for ebay?

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MC alumni gathered just before Christmas 2012