Sleeve 14

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Comments:  John Kerins ('66)  writes :

Photos 7 and 8: These are the 66 senior student gov't. Marty Dullin - treas, ? Jennings-pres, Ed Dunne, Louie Antonetti, Tony Maffia, Tom Manning-chief justice. I saw a similar photo in the post about a terrorist cell!

Photo 15: Joanne DeMartini on left, Cathy Finnik 2nd from right, both 67, Bro. SOMINEX, aka Bro Francis in background.  Brother Joe, "John, Can't help w/girls' ID's, but I'm pretty sure that is Bro. Albert Gerard Prior on the wall.  Web Guy adds," I'm with Bro. Joe on this one."

Bro Joe adds:

Photo 3: Novices blitz MC for Vocations; 2 from RI and behind desk is Bro. Anthony Melkun '65

Photo 5: Enthrallment at a Vocation pitch!

Photo 6: Bro. Andrew Mark setting good example

Photo 24: John Frohenhoeffer?, John Lynch and Kevin Kennedy all '66 and escorts