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Our Charter

Also known as the Rules of Engagement
  • This message board is primarily intended for alumni,  faculty and administrators of Mater Christi.  People who have an affinity with Mater Christi are also invited to participate.

  • This message board is available to the general public.  Posters should be mindful of this.  Information that should not be shared with the public at large should not be posted.

  • Registration is required for posting.  Name and graduating year are the minimum information required for alumni.  Others not associated with the school need to indicate their name, high school and graduating year.  Prior to registering they should email webguy indicating why they are interested in posting.

  • Posters agree that their identity will be shared with other posters and only other  posters.  This is generally done through the members list which is only available to  posters (and some hackers, possibly).

  • This board provides a privacy option which prevents the name from being displayed to other posters.  The moderators of this board reserve the right to disable the option in profiles so that members can identify posters.   They also reserve the right to protect the identity of posters when they deem it appropriate.

  •  Within reason, any topic is suitable for posting and discussion.  However, all posts must be civil in tone and respectful to other posters.  The moderators of this board reserve the right to delete any post they feel violates the spirit of this guideline. If you feel the need for further clarification of this caveat, then it might not be a good idea to post in these forums. Repeat offenders will lose posting privileges.

  • If you will be starting a new thread with what some may consider a hot topic, It is strongly suggested that you start the name of the thread with the words "HOT TOPIC" followed by the thread's subject, to indicate to other board viewers that they may not want to enter that discussion thread if they wish to avoid those discussions. Starting a thread and failing to indicate that a new thread may contain controversial postings will result in the thread's removal from the board.

    NB: Hot Topic threads are not exempt from civility and respect!

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