Jim Anderson ('66) was reading the Boston Globe (I guess the NY Daily News was not available) earlier this month and came across the story on the left about Pat Purcell.  There was something familiar about the face and name.  Sure enough, in the biographical sketch (which we've blown up), Jim realized that this was Pat Purcell of MC '65 fame.  Thanks for sharing this with us Jim.  

If Pat was proud to be mentioned in a small town New England paper, imagine his thrill at being featured in a world-renowned web site. Think nothing of it, Pat.  It's our pleasure.

From the story:

"Today, Purcell, who bought the Herald in 1994, is himself the head of a media conglomerate.  It is an empire that expanded dramatically in the past few months when he purchased, for a reported $150 million, the Community Newspaper Company's stable of more than 100 local papers."


Hey, Pat, wanna buy an alumni web site - let's talk.