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Congratulations and Thanks, Brother Joe !

50 years of service to God and young people

Bro. Joseph Reilly, the unofficial faculty moderator for materchristi.com recently celebrated his 50th anniversary as a Christian Brother. He took the Robe 9/7/58 and pronounced First Vows on 9/8/59 at the end of the Novitiate.  Several years ago the Brothers switched the celebration date from 'entering' to Profession of Vows.  All Jubilees are celebrated by the District/Province on the 3rd Saturday of June  -  a great family and FSC celebration. This year's was held on 6/20/2009 at Narragansett, RI.  Bro. Bob Wickman(MC grad) also celebrated his 40th Anniversary.  Another MC grad - Bro. Dennis Cronin, Bro. Joe's Principal at Loughlin, toasted and roasted him,and reportedly did an excellent job.  

Bro.  Joe, Bro. Bob and all the other religious who touched our lives at Mater Christi, we thank you for your service and dedication.  It's a tough job, but someone had to do it. We're better people because of you.

The celebration also provided an excellent photo op of brothers who taught at MC..  

L-R: Tim Murray(Christopher Bernard), John Fleck(Michael Angelus), Bro. Michael (Calixtus) Dundin, Bro. John Norton(Conall Benedict), Bro. Joe, Bro. (Amian) Paul Goodwin, Bro. (Columban) Stephen Creagh, Bro. (Charles) John Buckley, and Bro. David Detje. 

Missing but there -  Bro. (Basil) Robert Daskiewicz and Bro(Conall) Louis Jaeger.

The oldest Jubilarian was Bro. Joe Ventura(Math, Library there at LSMA) with SEVENTY  years as a FSC.

Photo, courtesy of Bro. Stephen (of Kenya fame).