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These are the photos currently rotating through the main page. I hope you enjoy the look back.

From Fae (Maria Felicia) Savignano - a photo from the Class of '73 (Girls Division of course) senior class outing lunch at the Empire State Building. Fae is in the pink dress at the center of the photo. Her homeroom [12B-105] teacher was Mrs. Maureen Flood, who still graces the halls at St. John's Prep.

I found the attached photo in my yearbook, which I had pulled out to show a woman I ran into who also graduated in 66 and I thought that I would send it to you. I am in the top row, fourth from the right. John Manly is next to me - the top row, fifth from the right.
Raymond Power - class of 66

Best wishes to all MC Alumni for a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Photo courtesy of Tony Leto '71