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Mr. Floodís Spirit Alive and Well in SJP Community
The St. Johnís Prep Family mourned the passing of Mr. Edward J. Flood on August 5, 2019. Mr. Flood served the Mater Christi and St. Johnís Prep Communities with an indefatigable commitment as a teacher, Athletic Director and basketball and tennis coach. In his fifty-one year career at Mater Christi/St. Johnís, Mr. Flood guided and mentored faculty, coaches and thousands of students, so many of whom shared fond memories and heartfelt tributes. Students praised his kindness, his encouragement and his positive approach to life. One Mater Christi student called Mr. Flood his role model for life because he inspired him to be a better person. Former St. Johnís Prep faculty member and baseball Coach, Jim Benson, expressed his condolences and captured Mr. Floodís essence and spirit. ďHe was a true representative of what it means to be a servant leader: one who shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible,Ē Benson said. Mr. Flood has certainly left this legacy and was a blessing to all who crossed his path.

His spirit and legacy of kindness and generosity continues through The Flood Family Scholarship Fund which was established in 2018 to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Floodís fifty years of dedication to the students of Mater Christi and St. Johnís Prep.

Donations may be made to the Flood Family Scholarship from the St. John's Prep website
just select Giving and then the scholarship.

Mrs. Flood congratulates Daniel Stankiewicz í23 on being the first recipient of the Flood Family Scholarship. Daniel, an honor student and parishioner of Sacred Heart Church in Glendale, exemplifies the characteristics of scholarship, integrity, service and dedication that this award recognizes.

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In 2010, Tony Casamento stepped down as webmaster for the Mater Christi web site and Brian O'Dowd (Class of 73) stepped up to maintain the site. Tony Leto (Class of 71) has worked hard to complete the Emerald Yearbook Project and and has brought the Brother Norman project to completion as well. Part of the Brother Norman project can be found here, and Tony regularly posts album pages on Facebook in the Alumni and Drama Facebook groups.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts as this site continues through its second decade by emailing webguy@materchristi.com.

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This website is for the enjoyment of graduates, attendees, friends and faculty of Mater Christi  High School in Astoria NY.  It is a continuous work-in-progress.  The success of this site depends on the involvement of the alumni.

If you would like to contribute, or have comments or suggestions email me at webguy@materchristi.com. Need information on Reunions or other Alumni events?  Want to get on the Alumni mailing list?  Contact the Alumni Office at 718-721-7200 ext. 686 or email the Alumni Office at mcalumni@stjohnsprepschool.org

A word about MC memorabilia:

The library at Manhattan College is a depository for Christian Brothers (LINE - Long Island New England Province) material.  If you have any artifacts you would like to contribute, you can contact Michael Pravitz (MichaelPravetz@aol.com

Materchristi.com and the Alumni Office are both particularly interested in yearbooks.  If you have an old yearbook that you want to send to a new home, contact webguy@materchristi.com. We are always looking for other items such as journals, graduation programs, etc.   Thanks.